About Michelle

Short Version:

I’m a wife and homeschooling mom of two sweet and very busy boys, ages 7 and 4. We recently moved from Orange County in Southern California to a relatively tiny town in Utah. I’ve also earned the title of ‘health warrior’ as I strive to take charge of my body and defeat disease.


Long version:

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I had visions of having this big happy family one day, but had no clue what it would take to get to that point. As it turns out, becoming a mom changed me entirely.

Things were pretty storybook for me in the beginning. I grew up in a loving home with parents still on their first marriage. I was a good student and got some recognition for my singing voice in school. I started dating my husband in high school where we grew up in NJ. We relocated to So Cal, married after 5 years of dating, and decided to wait for the “perfect” time to start having children.

Sadly, I was living life with an extremely critical eye toward anyone who didn’t appear to have it all together. That all changed when I was 29 and my first child was born in May 2007. I became a new-mom wreck; feeling completely overwhelmed and out of control. I finally understood how much people really do need support and encouragement at different stages in their lives.

It wasn’t just those first few months of adjusting to a baby and related changes that rocked my world. Although I experienced all the great joys of parenting a healthy little one, I was shocked at how many aspects of mommyhood  became even more difficult as my son moved on to ages 2 and 3. I began researching like crazy to find great parenting resources to help simplify things; discovering some really helpful books, reviews, online message boards and mommy meet-up groups in the process.

In 2008, I started a few different online support groups for moms. (Here’s the main one for those in the Orange County, CA, area…) These groups grew quickly, and I connected with many of the moms personally. Since then, I’ve heard from  hundreds of moms. I’ve learned that I’m not alone in my view of how insanely difficult mothering little ones can be. I’ve also learned that there are tons of moms in need of support, but they often don’t know how or where to search for the resources they need in their minimal spare time.

After learning about the extensive research I’d done, moms started asking me to point them in the right direction for specific support needs they had. I always enjoyed sharing whatever helpful info I could provide; in some cases referring them to one of several local mommy groups, online discussion boards, or blogs; in other cases pointing them to relevant parenting experts or websites. The sense of relief and gratitude they expressed when I was able to assist them inspired me to intentionally reach out to more moms and develop new ideas of ways to offer help. I took it on as my personal mission to encourage and help connect other new moms of little ones with resources and support in this unique time in their lives.

I was all set to launch a non-profit to benefit local moms when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2011 at the age of 32. I had surgery (double mastectomy with reconstruction) a month later. I put my pursuits on hold and began diligently researching all approaches to healing my body. Floored by tons of amazing resources I uncovered regarding the power of lifestyle and nutrition changes, I chose to decline recommended chemo/radiation/hormone blocker in favor of a hard-core alternative protocol. I now facilitate an online group for others who are doing the same: http://www.facebook.com/groups/HolisticCancerSupport/ I don’t know exactly what I’m doing with this blog now, but probably just talking about whatever is going on with me at the moment…I can’t afford the time, mental space or emotional energy to worry about perfection anymore. 😉


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