My Review of Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

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NATURE BABYCARE – Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

Nature babycare, the award winning ECO diaper – A proven success in Europe and now available in North America!

Nature babycare diapers are 100% chlorine-free and keep oil-based plastics away from…


Sizing Issue

By OC Mama from Aliso Viejo, on 5/12/2010



3out of 5

Pros: Biodegradable

Cons: Poor Fit, Stiff

Best Uses: Infants

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

I actually can not yet comment on the performance of these diapers because the size 2 I purchased was too small to fit my 15 pound baby even though they say they fit up to 18 pounds. He is definitely on the thicker side – I’ll try the larger diapers in the hopes that they fit. They are quite stiff – I’m willing to make some sacrifices to use a more natural diaper, but baby’s comfort ranks pretty high as well.


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2 Responses to My Review of Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

  1. kateloize says:

    Check out our line of eco friendly baby products!
    Our boutique only carries all natural, organic, and eco-friendly baby products. When we had our daughter, I instinctively felt the overwhelming concern for her well-being and overall health. With that concern came a lot of research into eco-friendly cribs made with natural wood, organic crib bedding, natural baby clothing, and all natural baby bath products; we started going green! That’s when we decided we wanted to offer like minded parents a place where they could shop with peace of mind for their precious babies.
    I hope you like our stuff!

  2. emmafernadez says:

    Hi, I’m Reyna.. new to this space. Can someone help me finda site that offers natural/ eco-friendly baby products?

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