Most Difficult Job

Becoming a mom is unquestionably one of the best things to happen in my life. It is definitely the most insanely difficult thing I’ve experienced, but I’ve had enough successes to make it feel like a huge accomplishment. I mess up routinely, have had many regrets, and have had many, many moments I did not enjoy, but there is no doubt this process is refining my character by forcing me to have more patience, become less selfish and more creative.

I read this comment from a friend awhile back, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a parent it’s this: It’s always your fault. Whether you’re tired and cranky or they are, it’s all your fault.” Okay, so I don’t care for that wording because it makes parenting sound like horrid drudgery, but the concept is pretty much right-on. It’s so easy to blame kids for all bad behavior when the fact is that we need to position them for success by parenting responsibly to begin with. I find that I’m so much happier when I remain conscious of the simple fact that I signed up for this parenting thing…because, in the off chance that you weren’t already aware, there really isn’t anything about kids that is convenient. 😉

No matter what my job or identity was prior to becoming a parent, my ‘job’ now is raising this child lovingly and responsibly.

The hardest part at the moment is coping with the frustration of unwelcome behavior and staying committed to correcting it constructively. But then there’s always that biggest and best part…the unbelievably overwhelming joy and love you get to share in. I wouldn’t give that up for any amount of ‘me time’ I could possibly be promised, and I have yet to meet a mom who wouldn’t agree.

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One Response to Most Difficult Job

  1. mpm says:

    I’d say my most difficult job is being a dad. And I only have to be a “dad” for small segments of the day. You’re pretty much “on” 24/7 and you are an AMAZING mom! My hats off to all moms that make a whole-hearted attempt to be a “good mom”. In this case, success is riddled with failures. And public appreciation and or even acknowledgment for a job well done is not common. So, here’s to you INVOLVED MOMMY. Keep on doing what you do. You ARE changing the world, one human being at a time.

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